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Lucky the cat preparing to set off fireworks Lucky the cat preparing to set off fireworks

Our Story

Still Having a Blast After 76 Years.

Our founder, Robert S. Kellner discovered his passion for pyrotechnics as a boy with a toy black-powder cannon. Ultimately, his zeal led him to open Kellner’s Fireworks in 1947.

Every day, he brought the words “use with adult supervision” to life for his young son, Bob. Young Bob Kellner very likely handled every firework known to man by the age of ten, followed in his father’s footsteps and took over the business in 1987.

Today, Bob’s love for fireworks is only rivaled by his love for his wife, Beth and his daughters, Grace and Hope who all play important roles in the family business. The whole crew works under the watchful eye of their cat, Lucky who is also in charge of customer relations.