20 SHOT ASSORTMENT (30 to 40 Second Duration)


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(Case Contains 6 Pieces)

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Case Contains One Of Each:  CALL OF DUTY- Red Tails to Brocade, Blue Breaks with White Strobes, Brocades and  Crackling, CATCH A FALLING STAR- Red Tails to Red Falling Leaves, Green Tails to Green Falling Leaves, Blue Tails to Blue Falling Leaves and Ghost Fish Finale CHINESE NEW YEAR PARTY- Red Strobe Mines to Red & Green Strobes, Red Strobes to Chrysanthemums GOLDEN WATERFALL-Gold Tails to Gold Waterfall Horsetail Breaks, HAIR TRIGGER-Blue Tails to Red Glittering Willow, White Glittering Willow, Crackling to Color Stars, KISS THE SKY-Crackling Mines to Red Palm Tree to Crackling, Green Palm to Crackling, Yellow Palm to Crackling, Purple Palm to Crackling, Silver Palm to Crackling