25 SHOT FANNED ASSORTMENT (20 to 30 Second Duration)


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(Case Contains 4 Pieces)

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SKU: 9300E

Product Description

Case Contains One Of Each: EXTRAORDINARY-Crackling Mines to Red and Silver Glitter Breaks, Red Strobe Mines to Blue and Crackling Breaks, GLORY OF THE TITANS- Red Strobe Mine to Green Tail to White Strobe Break, Green Strobe Mine to Red Strobe Tail to White Strobe Break, Crackling Mine to Blue Tail to Crackling Break, HEY BABY- Green Glitter Mine to Rising Red Tails and Gold Strobe Breaks, Red Glitter Mines to Rising Gold Tails and Green Strobe Breaks, IT'S ALL GOOD- Alternating Fanned Rows of Gold Glitter Mines and Gold Willow Breaks